Wednesday, October 09, 2013


I have come to realize that "goodbyes" aren't all that scary and bad as they've been made out to be by popular culture and mass media.

Really, take a look back and see – every time anyone has ever wished anyone a decently scary goodbye, it has come attached with a feeling of eventual reattachment. Every time you have said or heard that phrase, a little part of you has always known, or at least wanted for certain, that the moment just couldn't be the end. In fact, in most of the times you've managed to utter that phrase out loud, it is highly probable that you did it partly because you knew that the goodbye wouldn't stretch to forever. 

No one really says goodbye with the intent of having it all crumble down in one fell swoop. Why would anyone choose that, unless, of course, it's "good riddance," instead?

What you should really be scared of and worried about is normal, everyday conversation.

Those – the ones that don't come with a goodbye as a period – are the ones that can actually end things. Those – where you can't even see, or hear, the phrase  – are the ones that usually do. There's no telling where it might be hidden in plain sight. It comes without any warning or information about its permanence.

There's just no redemption.

Thieves don't always come dressed in black drapes, and murderers often dress the same way. Broken hearts cannot be plastered, and sad days don't come with background music. This is the real world, and here, goodbyes don't come written on invitation cards.

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