Friday, January 10, 2014

To do list

Have to meet Sid and the others.
Oh, the Alumni meet.
That email?
My cousins, too.
Have to book that car, too.
Need to fill out that form. ASAP.
Have to send reminder emails for the thing.
Report testing evidence. Remind. And check what's left.
Oh, and figure out which ones are new.
Need to upload the documents.
She told me to get a process note. Monday.
Those forms. Okay, no, mom called and checked.
Monday or Tuesday I have to finish that scanning report too.
Testing sheets. Oh, man.
And uploads.
Oh, God.
The user mod evidence is crap. Get it re-done.
That testing sheet is crap too. Re-do.
I wanted to make a poster for crying out loud. To talk to her through that, I guess.
How am supposed to finish anything this weekend.
OH shit research.
That photography project.
That site...oh and I hope the gift was okay.
Oh man I don't want to do anything anymore. I'm done.

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