Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The special place in the mind that's reserved for memories of meeting someone for the first time

Break my laptop,
And break my phone.
Do a little damage,
And take it back home.

Do a little damage,
But be sure it's visible.
If it's not on X-ray,
They'll start to call it fictional.

Who's going to believe me
When I tell them I'm hurt?
I don't really have people
With whom to discuss discomfort.

For what is absence,
And a change of heart?
Is a shiny blunt edge
The one way to depart?

No papers were signed,
No agreements denied.
No clauses and such,
Nothing to amount to much.

'Nothing was ever there.'
But there's even lesser now.
Will anything be the same?
Deliver me from this pain I allow.


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