Wednesday, September 27, 2006

iPods on a Plane

Ever since Apple introduced the iPod, it's been racking our curiosity. The big Q is revolves around how they fit so much space into such a tiny shell. But surprisingly, there's a bigger Q.

And now, it's been answered.

iPod + Toilet = Ouch.

It all started when I got out of my seat to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and returned to my seat. A little while later the two stewardesses on the flight crossed each other in the aisle. They had a quick conversation that I was in earshot of.

"I locked off the front lav. There's something in the toilet that's preventing it from flushing. Run some water and see if you can clear it." My face immediately turned red. The seat cover! I thought. It must have been too big to flush! I should have thrown it out!

I was so embarrassed. I tried to act normal ... I took a sudden interest in the contents of the seat pocket in front of me, acted nonchalant and all. I watched as the stewardess got on her hands and knees in the lavatory and did unfathomable dirty work.

Sometime later, I decided it would be best if I forgot the whole thing happened, so I went to put on my headphones and drown myself in iPod music. But ... no iPod. I panicked, checked my other pockets...
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A little word of advice: Don't try this iPod experiment at home.


  1. i wanaa read dis...!!! i so wanna read dis...!!!
    n i'd b bak..!!! afta i've managed to du dat...!!!

  2. @anonymous:
    You're patient.

    Make sure you's pretty cool :P