Monday, September 18, 2006

It started today

Any more later, and blogspot would have become so foreign to me, that my body's immune system would have started attacking it.

Quite frankly, they've begun the attack, and I'll have to move out of my absence so that I can begin to step foot into a stage of recovery.
Anyway, I don't really know how many of you have gone by what the title suggests, but last year, today, FHW came into action.

Finding the scene being focused on blogging, I started out by researching on what blogs actually were and chanced to hit Read a couple of pretty looking "web-logs" and hit myself with the bravery to slap my own blog into cyberspace. But now, I recall, that before I actually went up to set my blog's URL, I was afraid to pick my own ID; I cancelled the blog making process twice, but ended up satisfying my curiousity.
I finally decided that if I ever were to write about something, it just couldn't be conformed to one thing, hence the title - "a few hundred words" - something about not just one thing.

So there you have it, folks, from writing everywhere to somewhere, about the Indian Government, to Sania Mirza, from CBSE's delayed action, to Delhi streets, from Miss Khan, to poetry; that's 60 posts, around 14,400 words and a round off 210 comments.
Call me a show-off, I've somehow been pulled into the regions of GlobalVoices (ha!) and have been added to IndianPad, anonymously, by anonymous people.

Call this a cause for celebration (#7), for I can see confetti filling my view.