Monday, June 11, 2007

Of all the days

*tap, tap*

Mic che..


Anyone here?


Is this thing on?
Hey! Cleaning staff, sound technicians! Who wants freeform?
Shut up man, this stuff is useless inside your head.
Oh, come on people! Is this any way to treat an old-
Quiet! Light's out now. You feel like sittin' here all night?

(Walking to the door)
I think it's time to blow this thing, get everybody in it together. Those were the conspicuous ones, yet so intricately laced. Envy was an inevitable one, couldn't have countered it either way. It was too subliminal, and when it arose, I was asleep at the switch. Where was my bebop then...
Man, are you still talking to yourself?
Shut up and close the door. I'm leaving aren't I?


  1. dammit my blogger ate my previous comment ;/


    :D love this post, amazingly funny muwahahahahah!

  2. hmm... i should say this is a real good post... or should i... maybe... but that would mean i get it... which i do... do i?... i think i do... and that justifies me commenting... its only fair to pass on my thoughts... if i could think just one thing... which i probably could if i dont keep contradicting myself... now i get it... will i please shut up!!! ok... more once i have had a straight sit down talk with me... ( i CAN be a little adamant u know)

  3. Ohk...Now that says a lot... "conspicuous ones, yet so intricately laced" ...Let's see how much have I got it... much as I can guess...there's just one obsession of yours wch u take as srsly as nybody can...n..dunt blame urself for realisin it late...if ur passionate enuf..u'd rather follow it...n succeed in it... Don't think you were asleep once...but that you are awake now...

  4. And its allowed to be envious...biologically...its healthy ...n lets the glands release hormones that make you work and achieve n strive for is ur callin...go 4 it... n dunt u chuk d japanese makes sense provided...i got this the way u intended it... oderwise... wateva..