Monday, June 25, 2007

Surgery smurgery

The guys back at Unofficial Standards, Inc. were kind enough to send me a do-it-all license. I'm guessing they took good note of my age and the ongoing events in this country, and let me do whatever.

So now, I can take over the wheel on the highway, even though I might have trouble going higher than the second gear. In fact, I think now I can drink vodka straight out of the bottle and dance it out in the rave scene. I think now I can even smoke, chew and eat tobacco. In fact, I think I can do all of that and drive at the very same time. In fact, I think I've been allowed to do all that since the day I first opened my eyes. It's just that I would be upsetting almost all the
real authorities, and might even end up in juvenille court.

But, who cares?
Driving around in the barrio with a genuine cuban cigar in my mouth definitely beats being 15, performing surgery and taping it all up, right Dhileepan?


  1. Believe me...desperation doesnt get bigger than this... and you've really driven ur point home...d best sarcasm dat cud b displayed... n now dey've been arrested or wat...d boy's on run frm d police...
    i really dunt think dey need dis...wat dey need is sum counselling...and a society wch accepts mediocrity n doesnt just run afta trivial records or feats...

  2. aah.. well.. the cuban cigar sure beats all else.. the price of that sucker...

    but well, at the end of the day, it just doesn't matter (like most other things that dont matter)