Monday, July 02, 2007

I should be finishing my homework right now

Waking up to the first day of school after the vacations is like waking up to a clear blue sky after last night's hangover party. You snap back to reality faster than you read this line.
The only difference is that last night's hangover party was more like a month long. And the clear blue sky was somewhat cloudy.

All of a sudden, Green Day stops strumming, and The Eminem Show reaches its 'outro'. All of a sudden, you're back at where you left off, but they're ahead from where they started. All of a sudden, you're in the yellow bus again, seated next to the window seat draped in that blue uniform.
Little did you know, you're not alone.
All of a sudden, the bell rings and people who seem to speak to all of the class at once line up outside your classroom door.
Before you know it, the next class has begun.
All of a sudden, 'I can handle it' becomes the less thought about thought.

And who puts surveillance cameras in school?


  1. n all of a sudden i realise..oops..its d maths xam tmrw..nd OBVIOUSLY..happy uniform guy..white was much better..realise tht

  2. @aakarsh:
    There's more to a school than it's uniform.
    Analyze that.


  3. hmmm enough writing... go do your homework pal!!!