Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Back as kids, when I was kiddish-er and my age supported my behavior, I had some weird friends. The kind of kids who would be brainwashed by a movie and go out to do something completely kooky and bizarre; keepers of a stranger phenomenon who would say words they might never know the meaning of. They were the kind of guys who'd go wacky at times and take off the plugs of a tire. Deflation was fun, to them, at least.
Yeah, they were weird, alright.
What is intriguing, though, is that now, the same kids are responsible children who might end up making their parents proud one day.

And now, as I drive my writing to speaking about opinions that law might not approve of, I feel Sanjay Dutt was one such kid. Maybe deflating tires wasn't his thing, but I'm sure when he came about "possessing illegal weaponry", he wasn't completely aware of what he was doing, and I highly doubt he had any intentions of shifting to the dark side; it was just something kooky and bizarre, the keeper of a stranger phenomenon.

Sure, he was a bit wacky at that point of time, but he's not what he was. Not now.

The High Court is somewhat dull (read retarded). It takes them 14 years to make a decision. They might have been working day in and day out at the back end, but to me, they just suddenly popped up with what happened back in 1993.
And that's what makes it more painful.
Sanjay might have been a bit wacky at that point of time, but he's not what he was. Not now, 14 years later. Not now, when a deeper sense of maturity has caught hold of him.
And it wouldn't have hurt so much if he was to be put behind bars then, immediately after they felt something went wrong.

But they took their time.
And time didn't heal wounds.

Law seems to work with no sympathy either. It seems to work mercilessly. Even though it might be slow to deliver, it delivers justice. It seeks out mistakes from the past and makes sure no one gets away.
It seeks out people like a homing missile, and this time, it got Munnabhai.

He's unbreakable, I tell ya.


  1. I loved deflating tyres. (I still do, and maybe that's the reason mum doesn't allow me near her car).

  2. aah... an innocent child that doesn't know right or wrong... at 35 years and over we call this "retarded"! but well, i agree- either way he can't be arrested!!!