Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In the nation of the

There once was a teacher. A teacher like no other, but exactly like everyone else. A teacher not extremely old, but not very young either. A teacher who was wise, yet stupid.

She would go out every now and then, fill her mug with coffee, take a sip, and go back to analyzing mediocre question papers.
At times, she would have tea.

But amidst this seemingly action-packed and fast-paced world of hers, the truth had written monotony all over her life.

Tired of the way things were going, she woke up one morning and decided to do something far more adventurous - she decided to push her students into prostitution.

No, wait. Scratch that.

There once was a wannabe, a news channel and some old dude with vengeance on his mind.

As Mr. Vengeance Man began to discuss his plot, the other two predicted flawless popularity.
So the wannabe reporter magically transformed herself into a student of the teacher we spoke of not very long ago, and went on to share her blindfold with the world.
With a sham that could've lasted longer, she told everyone that the very teacher we spoke of not very long ago, was pushing kids into prostitution. Not only that, she also told us that she was one of those kids who had been pushed into prostitution by the same teacher we spoke of not very long ago.

Here's where the news monkey noticed that she couldn't do all of this by herself, so he closed his eyes with part of her bindfold, too.
Well aware of the fact that all of this was a lie, he put it on TV anyway.
Hey! This is India, and he can do anything he wants in the name of news!

Blah, blah blah.
Have you seen the new iPod Touch? And the new iPod nano? Man, it has
some evil dimensions...


  1. your forgot the character of the green gecko that wants to kill the monkey before Mr.Vengence sees full moon...
    oh, and did i mention- ur tagged mate!

  2. @mark iv:
    Oh yeah. That.
    Well, monkeys are cool. So I skipped the whole kill plan. :)

    Tagged? again. :D