Saturday, September 29, 2007

This belated thing is getting to me

So what if the effects of alcohol are wearing off? So what if I don't like her as much as I used to? So what if she doesn't show up on TV as much as she did? So what if I couldn't care much less? So what if the thought continues to bother me? So what if this could possibly mean I'm growing up and leaving stuff behind? So what if these questions bounce on and off for eternity? So what if I haven't made much progress in getting over this system of self-contradiction? The mere fact that I know a person's birthdate means that I must wish them.

Hence, I should be courteous enough to wish them, with apologies for
taking so long.
So happy belated birthday Miss Rakshanda Khan.
And happy belated birthday to you to, Google.

And your post is up next, Markiv.


  1. :) good...
    whoever said 'better late than never' taught u guys a terrible lesson!

  2. no needa worry...its pretty much d norm now..belated thingies..i do dem all d time..n i hate myself for say belated thanku for d belated cmnnt...