Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On a personal note

Remember the seventh of November.
The day when truth saw no light,
yet was crazy enough to please, it might
continue still to linger on longer
like a bumper sticker's adhesive - stronger;
the day when possible it was
to possibly lie
and make people feel
like they thought otherwise;
the day she apologized
for something she did,
perhaps it left her demoralized;
the day she took her words back
maybe now
she wanted us back;
Remember, the seventh of November
the day I remembered V
and made poets gathered tremble;
the day I saw her eyes
like a man from December.


  1. I loved every word of it.

    P.S. I feel like a stubbed ciggarette.

  2. Crazy (pleasing) lies which linger for long
    are a few lies well told.
    maybe d garb of LIE
    Was merely a Disguise.

    And if she was made to apologize
    for a lie meant otherwise
    Its understandable, no surprise
    that she was left demoralised.

    December, the month (not the man) is COLD
    If she wants you back, don’t hold;
    Take another deep look into her eyes
    And give her a WARM surprise…!!

  3. What's that V doing there..?

    "...the day i remembered V..."

    Oh V = we..?

    All of us love complicating things.
    But none succeeds like you do.

  4. I read you poetry again,
    N guess what..?
    What I rote just doesn’t make sense anymore …bt wateva..!