Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Whatever this means...

Thought recollection didn't give abhas1 a hard time. He was hooked on to it like people on nicotine. What proved to be an adversary, though, was his contribution to some of those thoughts, which seemed to do what gasoline did to a hostile flame.
Menial jokes were acceptable to a certain degree, but laughing it all away and using speech as a spanner in the works didn't quite help. In fact, uncontrolled information coupled with confusion went its way to spew protectiveness, completely uncalled for, and the perception of such events as something ranging in the positive range could only be contemplated by those with somewhat of a myopic vision.

Abhas1 kicked the door open and draped himself in black.
After a little talk with the man in the mirror, he realized this was better off not being thought about.
A slight apology would do good, though.


You didn't get a word I said, did you?
Yeah, I was bored, too.


  1. Whats up dude? Whats going on?

    P.S. You hardly drop by these days!

  2. Speech as a spanner, uncontrolled information, confusion, protectiveness, myopia, Apology.

    ( Am too bad at putting things together. And interpretations, always catch me on the wrong side of the fence.)

    Plus, I still maintain:
    All of us love complicating things. But none succeeds like you do.

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