Tuesday, May 06, 2008


You know what the problem with the Indian education system is?
It swims like a brick in mindless waters.

Let me explain with an example, if I may. In fact, let's call it a minor comparison, shall we?
In the USA, there are no standardized school examinations. What you got an A+ for in a particular high school test, might only qualify to be a C- in the same test in another high school. Hence, you are required to give the SAT, which helps colleges determine where you stand, on a leveled plane. Ergo, colleges get to decide whether you're good enough for them or not, because you're getting tested on a national level. That's national, as in everybody in that country and/or everyone who shows up for that aptitude test.

In India, however, numerous ingredients appear to be out of place. At least to me.
They teach you different flavors of pretty much the same thing every year, and test your varying knowledge on whatever you've been taught. Come tenth, and more importantly, twelfth, CBSE (or ICSE, the State) begins to fiddle around and calls in the Board examinations. These tests, unlike their predecessors, are standardized, and pretty much leveled, too. Here, what you get an A for, is not something someone else will get an F for, for doing the same thing in another place.

Now, here's the problematic part.
If they've already set a standard, why do they continue to question us to determine which college we're good enough to set foot into? They've already tested our pencil scribbling skills on a national level, so why do they take all the weekends off of April and May to get us to
scribble some more?

Boy, they must really like us. They want our pictures, our signatures, and our fingerprints, too.

Trouble is...we don't like them.


  1. within science..the 12 CBSE is not a good testing method.Nope.Cuz THINKING evaporates from the spotlight.I mean..the blueprint doesn't care for what's going on in your head.The examiner gives two hoots to the fact that you may give the country or the world the next BIG IDEA..acutally no one in India really does.The chances of IIT approving a research project by its students is 0.0001% of getting a place in IIT,and take another 0.0001% for that being approved and considered.I'm quite in favour of the entrances though..because they make you think under pressure..an important life-skill.Maybe the only thing right around here...that's why abroad our engineers can handle themselves better when they're under heavy fire.
    But that's where it ends...I mean.if I keep talking to you and you just stare at me with an expression as blank as my JEE scorecard then sooner or later I'll shut up.And so if u keep working hard at REAL SCIENCE and carry forward your ideas...without encouragement you'll give in.Ideas which could not only advance science but allow investors to earn more.
    I think the ultimate crux of the problem is that our system has nowhere to go.The focus is there in the top colleges but the vision is sorely lacking.
    What say amoeba??