Thursday, May 22, 2008


There once was a girl who went to bed with dreams in her eyes. There was a girl who would find herself being a synonym of joy. She would pick up a few flowers coming home on the way from school. She would study hard and bring an apple for her teacher.
When she went home, she brought a glow with her. The walls would cheer up and scream with glee.

But one day, there was no scream. Only silence where glee should have been.

You know what?
I can't write this. It's too freaking painful. It bleeds to know that Aarushi was killed that day. It pierces my mind with a silver bullet to know that there is a human being alive, on this very planet, who can kill people. It burns my veins to know that there is a police department that is as dull as a box of hair. It is just plain disgusting to see that the effing press is...

The Police
Alright. These guys just blow it.
I don't even need to remind you how "safe" our country already is. And then there's the NOIDA Police - the absolutely perfect combination of lethargy and stupidity. These guys operate on a whole new level of obtuse intelligence. A level so effing advanced, it is scary and disturbing at the same time.

Anywhere else in the world, the whole area would've been sealed; not a soul would have been allowed to set foot past the yellow tape. Anyone noted to be passing that area frequently would automatically find himself on the list of suspects.

But these guys have a whole new thing going on; a whole other strategy in mind. They don't want to seal the area. Oh no. They want everybody there. They've left doors open to the murder scene. "Go ahead everybody, tamper with the evidence! You from the press? Go ahead, toy with the blood-soaked mattress!"

You want me and countless other people not to tell you how to do your job? Then do it right. It doesn't take a neurosurgeon to figure out what to do at the scene of a homicide.

The Media
How dare you? How dare you?
Who gave you the right to show blood on air? Who was it? I need to know because there's an effing censor board for movies and TV that keeps them from showing anything disturbing. Alright. Forget that. Do you even know why there's a censor board? It's because real, actual human beings watch those movies and TV shows. When there's a group of people who decide there are certain things that must not be shown on TV, it's because they don't people of their nation to pick up things like smoking.

"The Girl's bedroom secrets". Bedroom secrets? Bedroom secrets?
What kind of sick freaks are you? You want to sell this story, too?

I don't know who's monitoring content on your side. I don't know why you show the kind of explicit material that you do. But what you're doing is not right. And if this country ever fails to succeed, you will be responsible.
That's right, IndiaTV. I'm talking to you.

And forget monitoring your stupid, effing content. Who on this planet told you to swarm inside the Talwar's garage? Who told you take a shot of the blood-ridden walls of that house? Who the eff told you to broadcast dead people on live TV? I am shocked to see the police didn't care, but are you guys completely in over your heads? You really think this will sell? Well, let me tell you. Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to see the crap you dish out. The last thing we want to
see when someone is killed, is their blood. So next time something like this happens, just broadcast a minute of silence, okay?

What's that? You're not going to take my advice? No?
Well, Karma's a bitch.

As for Aarushi...a minute of silence.


  1. Shouldn't we be just glad we are still living?
    I mean, if this is what THIS world has come to, God bless us all.

    God bless their souls too, Arushi and Hemraj.
    There's too much that we've been shown and told by the media. I hope they take your advice on that. Good job.

  2. Very well said buddy.
    "I miss the news in news" is the news nowadays. Disturbing content broad casted without any warning without any censorship without any responsibility is what the press is known for nowadays. They call it better coverage or exclusive coverage that no other news channels can match. I wonder what edward r murrow would say if he was alive.
    Rest in peace Arushi and hemraj.