Thursday, June 05, 2008


I used to be afraid of the Boards. I used to be in 12th grade. I used to have fun during class. I used to wear a blue uniform. I used to wear a couple of badges. I used to rap in corridors. I used to draw on my backpack. I used to have mommy-made lunches. I used to doodle on desks. I used to sneak my cellphone to class at times. I used to have secret crushes everyone knew about. I used to get dressed and ready for school in 15 minutes.

I used to be in school.

Now, I'm not.

I'm a ronin. At least until I have somewhere to go to.



  1. Hello? Long time since you flew by my nest? ssup?

  2. Oh, school! Sometimes I feel am glad its over.
    Almost simultaneously I'm missing it.

    The batches were a good riddance though. Divine deliverance!

    Uhmm... the life after school ain't worth it though, too.
    Or am I just plain impatient?

    And of course, this place looks great, with all the effort you've put in. Keep up!

  3. omg!!
    i miss this abhas!!

    "rap in the corridor" *_*