Sunday, October 12, 2008

Party's over

It's one thing to forget September 27 and write back 2 days later with an "Uh...I'm sorry" note, but to forget the 18th -- the very day this began -- and remember it at the beginning of the next month, and then write about it ten days later is way beyond absolution.

And since there's no point in asking for an apology, I'll just go forth and pile your desk up with the ton of excuses I just came up with a classy, chronological and intermediately descriptive account of events that kept me from getting my blog a 'Happy Birthday!' card.


School's been over for a long, long time now. College hasn't been on for that long, but it sure feels longer. Intriguingly enough, college, or at least my college, is closer to 5th grade school than anything else. The backpacks are heavy again. The homework's being submitted again. The homework's being submitted on time again. The files are being overworked at again.
With that as only a minute percentage of my periodic workload, I found it hard to scribble with my keyboard.


Ever since college began, home became the holy abode of homework. Files were (and still are) due every mañana, so there was absolutely no way for me to come back home at 7:30, sit down for half an hour, copy from a freaking, highly erroneous and stupidity-laden (so-called) lab manual, and draw meaningless diagrams of the null, and then go out on the hunt for a wild birthday card.
Mission unaccomplished, baby!


The power button
Well, the power button's all the way below my knee (at chair level) and damn. I was so freaking lazy that I...just...*yawn*..cou..


College, or at least, my college is nothing like the one they show in 'Jaane Tu...ya jaane na' (or other movies of such nature). But the worst part is that it isn't anything like 'Jaane Tu...ya jaane na'. At least not yet.
The sorrow bogged me down. I couldn't write.



Chemistry is an evil subject and it's hard to believe the government hasn't banned it yet. What's harder to believe is that it doesn't matter what you're studying, you just have to "study" chemistry. Now, some of you might argue otherwise and tell me that the debate is pointless, but the truth is that chemistry is pointless -- to me and to millions of teenagers like me.
Stop tethering chemistry with B.Tech, let abhas1 wish a little birthday!


I thought of one/elaborated an older one everyday.
"Write today? Nah! I'll tell them the planet exploded my dog ate the draft!"


I had to slice bars of iron. Really! And my arms were wrapped in crepe bandage to fight the overlord of Pain.


Now don't ask me how I sat down to write this. All I know is that this belated thing is getting to me. And that I forgot the 27th this year, too.



  1. Seriously, is that even a college?

    I mean, no ways, you really can't expect us to do all the things under the sun and yet complete our files (there's physiology file, histology file wid loadsa diagrams, there's biochem file, n den dere r more) n get them checked on time ( n dey take our viva b4 signing d file every single time) n study for d assessment tutorials, n den also answer questions roll no wise in lecture classes, n den get 50% abv marks... n have EIGHTY-FIVE percent attendance n NEVER FALL SICK!!!

    Is that even a college for Homo sapiens?

  2. Oh by d way,
    Belated happy budday to dis BLOG! how many years has it been btw?

  3. @Avanti:
    It's a college for the damned.

    Thanks for the birthday wish. You're the only person other than me who remembered to have the cake.
    3 years down.