Saturday, November 09, 2013

A blog post

Both sides of the grass are just green. The moon will be crescent and it seems fine. The clouds are somewhere between being simply cirrus and heavily cumulonimbus. And Rayleigh Scattering is at work putting in the blue, there.

The flowers look fine. Some of the cars kinda shine. There's a slight fog, and it's nice. It's almost winter, when I was expecting it to be much colder. But that's fine.

The food tastes fine. It's all good. The plates are circular and they're clean and that's great. There's lighting at home, and somewhere it's subtle, and that's neat. The TV's fine. The closet is fine.

My shirt is..teal? I think it's teal. That's great. And I have a tie that's grey. One that's purple. One that's blue. One that's black. And they're all good. They're all fine.

Roses are red. And that's how they look. And that's fine. Nothing needs to be overtly pink. And the colors don't need to be overly saturated. Ideal tint, tone and shade are maintained. And that's how it is. Rain doesn't need to carry memories; just water, mainly. And that feels just as good.

Really. You don't need to be in love for everything to feel lovely. It's all good. It's all great. It's all fine.

Everything just is. And that's fine.

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