Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I think everyone deserves enough to get to know who their one true love is.

You may brush shoulders for a brief moment whilst walking in opposite directions in a queue, or share a quick, but lengthy glance, after the accidental way the person made you drop your phone. You may just have the epiphany over that brief encounter. Or you may be able to go in further, into a better world and hold hands for a longer walk.

You may be with them for a few seconds, or for your life; you may not know who they were, but you deserve to know that they were the one, regardless.

You deserve to hear their voice. You deserve to look into their eyes and you deserve to see how deep that color goes. To put your hand on their hand and compare sizes. You deserve to see them when they smile away, carelessly.

Maybe you're in the brief encounter category, but it's all still worth it.

But if you're in the brief encounter category, do you deserve to helplessly be unable to figure what to do now that nothing seems to turn your way? I can't be the one to judge whether you deserve that. But you can always tell yourself that true love isn't about ownership. Instead, it's about finding joy in what the other person finds joy in.

And trusting that, in at least one other parallel universe, you are walking the long walk.

And then looking at the night sky. Because I like stars. 

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