Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It is time...

Lightning tears open a cloud, but the rain is yet to fall. A worried Abhas looks outside the window, before slipping into the darkness of ink. The sound of the pages turning echoes in the hall, lit only by a dim flame.

He looks outside the window once again, as he hears the sound of the falling rain. Distracted, he shakes his head and gets back to work. As he looks into the words, he reminisces. He falls into himself, and tries to remember the time he had in the whole school year. The teachers, the books, those sneakers, the way they looked. He remembers and trips to nostalgia...
The friends, the enemies, the ends, the remedies. But he fails to remember, and is unable to get his facts right. He finds it not only difficult, but near to impossible to make sense of the letters they've written in the books. And now, there's only a month to go.

But he promises himself. He swears never to fall. He swears he will stand tall.

Boards are getting nearer by the second, and for now, all that he knows is that, pretty soon, they'll be giving him a number, and taking away his name.


  1. Ahhhh...yes, fond memories now that I look back at mine.

  2. i like thas blog man.i serously do.dunno why though.
    like jang sed.brings back ole memories..........

  3. Yes...those memories are memories for you, but I'm in the driver's seat right now, and I gotta take these turns head on.
    After the road takes me to the new world, maybe I can call them memories too...

    BTW, thank you jang and sataract.

  4. ur welcome......and best of luck for ur boards...sorry i forgot bout tht!!
    if u need ny help in nythin dont hesitate to ask!!!!
    jang i.e. not me!!!
    he got 90 something in 10th so go right ahead....he'll tell u exactly what not to do!!!!

  5. Very dramatic but i dont blame u..fond memories of the witty days that i often long to remember but dont(my english has gone to the dogs).. as days go by one tends to forget the good people come and go..v tend to forget those that were once our best pals..btw i like ur blog..good work buddy enjoy..

  6. thanks for your word anonymous dude!
    isn't it just wierd how the world, the needles of time, they keep moving...

  7. One of the best line you wrote:

    "But he promises himself. He swears never to fall. He swears he will stand tall."

    Faith cannot move mountains but can surely give you the power to climb them so never lose it! :)