Thursday, February 23, 2006

In the eyes

The sun was bright that day.

My watch died on me. It stopped dead in its tracks, but a clear knife cut through soon enough. Time didn't.
And it wouldn't stop if I failed. I would not stop, even if I did. And as long as this world will turn, it will continue its course. A course that has no end, for it is a loop.
The final countdown has begun, and this is surely not a dream.

The clock has begun to tick life away.

So many times have I felt the urge to put a gun to my head, but I always stopped before pulling the trigger. There was a force of people who took that gun away from me, and burned it in a corner of hell. And it is those people, that I would like to thank today.
So, thank you all.
Thank you Mom, Dad and Family. For working with me when I became hostile. Without your help, I may not have been who I am today. I may not have put up this blog, and you may not be reading this.
Thank you jang!! and sataract, for offering your help, and teaching me a variety of coded languages(!).
Thank you Sid, for giving me precious pieces of advice, without which I would end up like the millions, with regret in their mind.
And there has been a certain light, brightening up my Tuesday nights, credit goes to Miss Rakshanda Khan for that.
And last, but certainly not even close to least, thank you Sania Mirza, for being the inspired and the inspiring.

And as I looked outside my window today, I did not see any rain. No clouds either. But when I looked outside, I saw children playing. Sounds of their joyous songs, the jeers and sneers...
That reminded me, of my days back then. I was happy, waiting for somewhat of a miracle to happen...

Till then, there is hope.
And it is hope, that drives me. That's why I check my horoscope everyday. It is hope that fuels me. That's why I watch Sania's match everytime.
It is hope that's keeping me alive.
Hope, that some day, I will fly like the eagles. Hope, that one day, kids will look up to me.
Hope, that one day, I will win.


  1. dude.....
    well no one has ever thanked me for nything well thanks!!
    and aerosmith's words,
    "the light at the end of the tunnel may be you!"
    so hang in there....atleast u know ur never alone:)

  2. Hey..comments were disabled(understandably) around the time your boards must've couldn't wish you luck then..hope you smashed them.

  3. wow! Thanks FreeSpirit! I really appriciate it!

    btw, they're still on, next up is German>Science>English

    Thanks again!!

  4. Aww..well..hope you get to enjoy holi despite 'em all.. Viel Glueck for the remaining ones.

  5. Whoa dude slow down, i know what you mean! Life aint so bad (once hindi is outta the way) and it will be better (once math is out of the way), if you are at your bottom, the look at it in a positive way, there's only one way.. up!

    All the best for your boards dude.

    P.S. This comment means that after much lobbying i have been able to get the authorities to unblock!!!! So which means that i can read n comment regularly! Neat Blog dude! Keep it up

  6. Huh i dont see my comment.. is some filter thing on? (this is just so that i can read the highlighted message that appears)

  7. Well, thanks a lot A-lite. Nice word of advice, I shall look up from now on! :P

    btw, I'm sorry for the comment filter. This is all because of an anonymous loser...
    bear with me for the moment, this will be gone soon!

    thanks again!

  8. Cheers dude nop problem. I read the comments of Jang's last post!

  9. *sigh*
    "jassi jaisi koi nahin" of all the things!!!

  10. Huh?! Jassi?
    No way dude! If you're talking about Miss Khan, then I stopped watching that show the moment they killed her *gasp*

    What I meant by Tuesday nights:
    Indian Idol Takaa Tak

    hehe :)