Monday, March 27, 2006

Guess who's back!

The Boards have come, and the Boards have gone. And much like the West Wind, they do so every year, posing as destroyer and preserver. They have caused some to put an end to their existence, and others to sow fresh, new seeds in life.

As this went on, so did pointless debates.
Before the Boards actually began, people started speaking out on the evergreen question: "Should there be any Boards at all?", and pretty much everyone was actively involved. Answers came out ranging from the 'Yes' to the 'No' and to the 'Maybe so'.
Pointless, like I said.

So then the Boards' storm invaded this year, too. Some gave their best at hand, and others who were unable to cope, put an end to it all. Nothing new, it's the scenario from every other year.

Yeah well, they're gone. For now.


  1. One more thing:
    Ha! In your face CBSE! Take that!
    I made it out ALIVE! MUAHAHAA!!

  2. heh...
    Well, I'm still alive, so I must've done something!

    Just kidding! They went great, but the important part is to see how they come back!


    PS: Tell me you like that logo. You like it, dontcha? hehe.. made it myself!

  3. was going to ask you about that logo! neat one! Go have a blast dude! What plans next? Dont say NPS!

  4. oooh, I got plans!
    First, I'll go to Mumbai (yay!). Then, I'll go to meet my cousin in Ahmedabad!

    and then, for rebirth...

    and then, when I come back, my dad plans to send me for IIT coaching :(

    anyway, I'll just let the good times roll!

  5. IIT coaching.


    Satya knows a thing or two about it ;)

  6. Best of Luck for your board results; though it shuold not matter much if you are intersted in IITs.

    Well, another guy goes down for IIT.. :P Good luck ..;)