Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The world is changing?

The world has become a scary place, and it would be quite foolish to walk around with an "S on your chest". You never know what the other person feels, or thinks about you. And now, it's quite possible to kill someone, and get away with it.

The same seems to have happend with Jessica Lall. She was seemingly shot in the head, by a politician's son.
By the time Police came in, the whole scene was cleaned up, although a few people were taken in.

And then, something strange happend. All of the 9 accused people were let free.
A chain reaction was undoubtedly imminent. This sparked off a wave of protests all over the country. Thousands, from children to seniors, all marched against this system.

This may be too harsh, or maybe it's just the way I feel. Perhaps I feel so because I've been out of contact of the outside world for so long. Now, even the slightest thing seems to push me around.

And now, as Jessica's case hits re-trial, hundreds of others look up to the white light, and wait their cases to do the same.


The fact remains that it is the "what if.." that shakes us.
"What if I don't wake up to see tomorrow?"
"What if he kills me?"

It is the "what if" that is the risk in life. It is the "what if" that shakes us from the "I will" to the "will I?", and it is the same "what if" that makes us go from the "will I?" to the "I will".
Life is thus, all about taking that risk to live another day.


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