Friday, March 31, 2006

Another man's story

As we move on, there come many walls. Walls that block us, obstacles we must jump over. These walls may worry us, but the future is nothing we should worry about.

Stand firm and face your destiny, without fear, but with courage.

The Time is Now
by abhas1

As the world turns,
and the fossil burns,
there will be houses on fire,
in it a child's life shaken,
he'll have a burning desire,
to go on higher,
and become one whose demise
will be readily planned
by a bomb in disguise.
"Curses! He lives!"
to the enemy's surprise.

He'll raise his hand

to the new world kings;
pursue the marching bands
to follow the army's rings.
When he say a word,
the rest of the world be blurred,
for his voice only
will be the one that's heard,
and civilians and protestants alike
will nod their heads,
to what he says through the mic.

When he prepares to leave,

after finishing his speech,
there will be a leech
with a rifle aimed at his sleeve.
But the man will fail to die,
the opposite-ally's plan be foiled again,
for there are fifty men
who follow him sly;
who bullet-proof him
in a dark black shade,
in this rally of hate.

Ergo the man,

will live to look,
for his food,
the world will cook.
With dreamy eyes,
he won't dare despise
the media that will
splash his every thought,
his every action,
into every paper ever caught;
for it's the news mainstream
that will keep him on TV
or take him to a ban.
He'll keep his head high,
as he signs for a fan.

There's not many

who love his identity,
they burn easy in envy.
But he lives not for them,
he lives for truth,
in this world of lies,
and salvation walks up to him,
as he flies.

There's only a few

born to this fate,
others work hard
to open this gate.
So then, what's the wait?
Show the world who you are,
don't dare be late...


  1. As for Rebirth, you will have to wait till I come back from Mumbai.

  2. you don't scare me,
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    go on now

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  3. do you also realize that your friend has taken down the article that started this all.

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  5. Aha..I gotta be careful..young Abhas here is showing signs of turning dictator :)
    Keep the poetry going though..appreciate the ambition in it.

  6. Raising hands to the new world kings really doesn't seem that Nazi, does it??


  7. Amazing!
    you have got the art to put your *deep* imagination in writing!
    Keep up the good work!
    Looking forward for some more exciting poetry..

  8. Woah! I am running as deep as the oceans!

    coo! thanks!

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