Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cause for celebration #5

Like I said earlier, "When I open up the sports page, I open it up to celebrate Sania Mirza's victory".

To all those of you who still don't know what's going on, let me tell you. Sania's moving up the line, and she has reached the 'Gaz de France'. And being the winner in most situations, she's managed to defeat the sixth seed, Panneta.

Now, articles like this are really cool-great-awesome-ohmygod-and what not. And they're really helpful for me, epsecially when I'm busy tearing my head apart, worrying and studying for the boards.

And like always, I'd like to wish her the very best of luck.

Remember what I told you last time? I told you there were going to be more days like this, and there will be much more, too. So, let me hear a big hand for our FHW winner!